(Pix and caption clips courtesy of the family scrapbook)
Celebrate good times with family, friends and music!
A pretty girl is like a melody......
Past, Present, and Future....
Afterglow Gallery of:
      An evening  w/ Buddy Guy!!
Gene "Crankin  some  Frank"
@ a fundraiser event with                  Lori Shane & The Mix
Valentine's Day Dance with "Saxy Rick"
Gino & Nino Folino
A young fan from Papa Joe's
"Colonel"  &  "Captain"
"Hey Gino- why are your back up                 singers so quiet?"
@ Mokena JC Penny Grand Opening
A kiss for Vic Giannotti
and give up show Biz?                            Not a chance!"
                    Mama Mia!....
The people  are so friendly @ Papa Joe's
    (They say the secret is in the sauce!)

Hi Don & Margie!
Hi Mom-
See what you started...
         the rest is history!
               Gee thanks Mom-
                       Your the best!
Francesca with two of the three "Amigos"!
Hey guys- we loved
your dance moves!!
Lovely Elaine
Did you know?
This is how Gene got  his start....
Clutching 1st musical instrument at the tender age of only 6 mo.
Couple # 1 on the dance floor @ Papa Joe's
Thank you everyone              for all the heartfelt                love and support!
Gene at    Jilly's